With Disaster Recovery360, Good360's latest innovation in product donation, disaster relief efforts will be more sustainable and more efficient.

Disaster Recovery360 will:

  • Work with on-the-ground nonprofits in disaster areas to assess immediate and long-term needs
  • Utilize Good360's strong network of corporate donors to secure the right types of donations
  • Allow individuals a tangible and environmentally friendly way to give back during a disaster
  • Ensure that communities are receiving aid throughout all stages and up until full recovery.
About Good360

At Good360, we are redefining charitable giving by creating a circle of good that includes companies, charities and individuals working together to make the business of giving simpler, more efficient and more effective.
With top corporate partners and tens of thousands of nonprofit members all over the country, we are able to distribute, on average, more than $300 million in products each year to children, veterans, families, disaster relief efforts and more. Find out more at www.good360.org

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*Good360 will not share your information with any outside organizations or individuals.

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